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Wall Mounted Returns Unit

This wall mounted returns unit is manufactured from steel plate to provide a safe and secure unit which is then powder coated to give a high standard finish. The unit is also fitted with a special key that ensures security of the contents. The operation of this unit is mechanical with very few moving parts which has resulted in a maintenance free unit. This unit does not require a power or battery supply.

The unit holds a 2.5Ltr sharps container which allows for safe disposal of used equipment. A new container requires installing on removal of the used container. This link will take you direct to the 2.5Ltr container page.

The returns unit has the same operation as the dispensing machine, making for easier access to the enclosed sharps container. The 2.5Ltr sharps container can be removed and replaced when needed. When used alongside a dispensing machine we can match the keys to fit both units.

The returns unit has restricted access but will accept used 1ml fixed needle & syringes and 2ml syringes with attached needles. The has also been designed to accept Orion’s single use NX sharps containers. This unit enables clients to return used equipment whilst being given access to new equipment via the dispensing machine.

For more detailed information please read the PDF document below. Additionally please click on the video link below which will show you how to operate and access the unit.

Wall Mounted Metal Returns Unit Protocol


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