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NX Waste Collection

Orion Medical Supplies Ltd provide a fully managed needle exchange waste collection service that is integrated with your NSP.

Waste collection is an important part of NSP and is normally  outsourced to a waste collection company. Waste collection companies are driven by cost and do not manage any activities, determine frequencies of waste collection or deliver training. This is the responsibility of the waste producer to carry out and provide to the waste collection company. If this information is not given to the waste collection company  an inefficient collection service develops which ultimately increases costs and frustration with the waste producers.

Typical frustrations:

  • Waste picked up but left without an empty bin.
  • Waste picked up but left with incorrect size or amount of bins.
  • Unusual Admin charges.
  • Pharmacies using bins for their own waste.
  • No waste pick up charges.
  • Unable to pick up waste efficiently on an ad hoc basis.
  • No waste pick up.
  • no one to contact when things go wrong.
  • no training on waste collection and associated risks.

Orion have developed a fully managed service that eliminates all of the above issues whilst delivering an effective service that eliminates unnecessary costs and trains staff to enable a safe, efficient waste collection service. This is achieved by carrying out a full assessment at each site and delivering training were needed.

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Need help or advice? Call 01869 325912