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Dual Column Dispensing Machine

This wall mounted machine is manufactured from steel plate to provide a safe and secure unit which is then powder coated to give a high standard finish. The machine is also fitted with a special key that ensures security of the contents. The operation of this machine is mechanical with very few moving parts which has resulted in a maintenance free easy to operate machine. This machine does not require a power or battery supply.

The machine when operated correctly as detailed in the guidelines (see PDF document below) will provide many years of problem free provision. The machine has a clear marker on the front face above the drawers to indicate when a column is empty and requires refilling. When a column is empty the machine will not accept a token.

The machine has two separate columns that allows dispensing of two different kits at any one time. Column one could vend 1ml kits and column two could vend 2ml kits. There are several kit options available that can be vended from the machine, so please contact Orion for information on what’s available and how we can produce a bespoke kit to your exacting requirements.

Additionally, you can purchase a metal Wall Mounted Returns Unit that works alongside the dispensing machine ensuring the cycle of provision and return of used equipment is completed. Please click on this link to take you directly to the product page.

For more detailed information please read the PDF document below. Additionally, please click on the video link below which shows how to operate and access the unit.

Dual Column Dispensing Machine Protocol


Need help or advice? Call 01869 325912