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Acufine 30g x 1/2″ ( 0.3mm x 12mm ) Ultra Low Dead Space Fixed Needle & Syringe Red

The Acufine range of Ultra Low Dead Space Coloured Insulin fixed needle & syringe have been manufactured to ISO 13485 standards, specifically to meet the needs of injecting drug users for intravenous or subcutaneous injecting.

This 30g Insulin is the smallest diameter insulin but the thin wall still allows for increased lumen over a standard wall needle.

This Insulin needle has been precision ground for optimum sharpness. It is  silicone coated to deliver reduced penetration force and skin trauma during insertion and withdrawal of the needle. It also has a thin wall to allow for an even greater lumen to improve drawing up and reduce injection pressure.

The thin wall and precision ground sharpening provide improved user comfort with a reduced risk of hooking caused during re-use when trying to find a vein.

This product has different coloured plungers and three scratch off symbols that enables personal identification thus eliminating the risk of accidental sharing. The three symbols allow for eight different combination of identification.

These insulins are designed for single use only.

Acufine Insulins are individually wrapped and are supplied in a box of 100 units.

There are 48 boxes of Acufine Insulins in a carton.

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